Payment methods for topping up

Payment methods for topping up

Kindo offers several ways to securely top up your account, so you can choose the method that best suits you. 

Withdrawals of excess top ups are not available, except when closing an account. If you are likely to close your account soon (eg. your student is leaving the school) please only top up the amount you are able to spend prior to closure, to avoid the withdrawal process required to enable us to comply with our obligations under the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering Financing of Terrorism Act 2009.


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  1. Top up during purchase: add items to your cart and top up from the Checkout page by selecting "Top up & complete purchase".
  1. Top up in advance: navigate to "myKindo wallet" and select your option.
You can add any value, as long as it's enough to cover the items in your purchase. Excess funds will be held on trust for future purchases.


Several methods are available.

myKindo account needs to have sufficient funds to complete a purchase or payment to your school or club. 

You can add funds to (top up) myKindo account in advance and use these to purchase items as you need them or, add funds at the time of purchase or payment.

Having myKindo account in credit allows for a faster transaction payment, as you are not also needing to top up your account. 


You can top up your account at any time, in myKindo wallet. There are several ways to top up your account. Enter in the amount you wish to top up.  This can be just the amount you require to purchase your items, or it can be more than this amount, to leave some available credit on your account.

Credit/Debit Card $0.50 cent charge + 2.5% fee.  
Instant transfer.Visa / MasterCard / American Express /China UnionPay / G Pay available. 

POLi No fees. Instant transfer. 

Online Eftpos No fees. Instant transfer. 

Online Bank Transfer Allow 2 days for processing. No fees. 

Bank Transfer payments can take up to two working days to process and are also used for setting up an automatic payment into myKindo account.  See notes on How to set-up an automatic payment for using the bank transfer option, either as a one off payment or to set up an automatic payment.


If you have insufficient funds to complete a payment or purchase, you will be prompted to top up at the Checkout. This top up method is the same as myKindo wallet. You will get two electronic receipts.  One confirming your top up and one confirming your purchase.

Select which option you want to use to top up your account. 
If items are closing within 48 hours then only the credit/debit card, Online Eftpos or POLi options will be available, as these are instant transfers.
POLi is our preferred and recommended option as there are no additional fees and it is instant. 

For Credit and Debit card option, you will see the total amount including the credit card and service fee charges.

For orders not closing within 48 hours, you can select online bank transfer.


This is a free option, but is NOT immediate. Please allow 2 working days for payment to go through.

For Credit or debit card, simply enter the top up amount and complete top up and it will take you to a secure website to fill in your details. There is a service fee and credit card charge on all credit card or debit card top ups.

Follow the prompts to complete your transaction.

You may also top up in advance during the purchase process, by increasing the suggested amount to exceed the purchase amount.

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