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Making a withdrawal from your account

Jandhe Carter
Modified on: Fri, 27 Nov, 2020 at 2:06 PM

You can make a withdrawal of funds from your myKindo account into your personal bank account.

You will need to allow two working days for the process and security checks to be completed, before the funds will appear in your bank account.

A $1.00 administration fee does apply and will be automatically deducted from your balance.

    1.    Login to your myKindo account.

    2.    Select top up account option.

    3.    Select the withdrawal option next to your available balance.

    4.    A message will appear telling you which email address we are using to send through a link to complete your                     withdrawal request.

NOTE:  This link will expire within 24 hours.

    5.    Go to your inbox for this email and click on the link within the message.

    6.    The link will open up a Kindo withdrawal page. For your security all withdrawals must be completed via the link                sent to your email address.  Please note that all Kindo pages are https encrypted for security reasons.

This keeps you informed that a withdrawal has been initiated, and means that should someone obtain access to your Kindo account, they would also need access to your email to withdraw funds.

          Complete the amount you wish to withdraw and the bank account number you would like the funds deposited                 into.

     7.     Then select Withdraw.

     8.     A message will appear confirming your withdrawal amount and the bank account number, along with a                              message to remind you to allow two working days.

    9.    Select Got It to complete the process.

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