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Download Excel or CSV file

Sandra Finlay
Modified on: Mon, 4 Dec, 2017 at 1:32 PM

Available from the Order Status (or Supplier) page for Order Administrators. First, filter for the orders required and access the menu for downloading or printing orders.

Download CSV (or Download Excel) generates a file that can be opened in spreadsheet software such as MS Excel or imported into another application. 

It is used for flexible sorting and viewing of information. 

It contains all details of student, items purchased, quantities and Account holder information as well as answers to any questions.

When selected, a dialogue will appear.

Open with - will open the file, for viewing nad saving later.

Save File - will save the file to the location specified.

The file looks similar to this:

NOTE: you may need to expand the column width in Excel to view the information. To do this quickly, click on the top left corner  to highlight the whole page, then position the mouse on the line between A and B so it displays as a 2-sided arrow. Double-click the mouse.

You can use Excel features to Sort, Filter, Hide/Unhide columns etc.

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