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Search, filter and display orders (for Order Administrators)

Sandra Finlay
Modified on: Thu, 1 Mar, 2018 at 4:57 PM

Available for Order Administrators on the shop order status (or Supplier) page. This page enables administrators to search, filter and display orders or to check daily orders using Quick View. From this page, administrators can also choose to download to Labels, Production List or other reports, check stock and log in to the menu administration site.

To search, filter and display orders, follow these instructions.

1. Set the delivery date window. Click the arrow next to the start date to select the first date you want to start searching from. Then select the end date to choose the last date you want to search to. It will default to today, and can be set for up to 4 weeks (for food services) or 6 months (for non-food services). Note: searching for longer periods will cause some processing delay. Six month searches available after 9am only.

2. Set the filters.

Status filter: orders can be one of three statuses – pending, processing, completed. Every new order is automatically assigned pending status. The status is changed by either:

  • Manually changing the status on the displayed list of orders and clicking “Save”.
  • Printing the orders and clicking “OK” to the onscreen message.

It is recommended that order status is updated so filtering on ‘pending’ orders, will display only the new orders received.

3. Display orders. Click "Display orders" to display the orders. They will be displayed at the bottom of the screen.

These orders will appear in date order from the earliest at the top of the page, down to the most recent at the bottom of the page.

Using the filter buttons under Member Location, Menu Category and Item you can sort your orders. They look like this. 


  • Use the Member location to filter by room number.
  • Use the Menu category to filter by catergory.
  • Use the Item to filter by individual listings.

Simply de-select the categories (or items, or rooms,) that you do not want to be displayed, then click ‘Filter’. 

The new orders list will then appear showing only those categories (or items) you have selected. This is useful if you have a sports coordinator who only wants to look at sports for example.

To return to the original list at any time, just click the display orders button again.

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