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Quick View reporting

Sandra Finlay
Modified on: Fri, 1 Dec, 2017 at 3:00 PM

The Order Status page (or Supplier page) is available to administrators only.

Quick view was set up specifically to deal with daily order processing

It will display orders due for delivery on the selected day. The day selector will default to Today, but can be adjusted to display orders due for delivery on any day prior or forward a week.

NOTE: if there is a cut-off time, it will show all orders placed before the cutoff for delivery this day.

If there is NO cut-off, it will display those orders collected up to this time on this day – there may be further orders placed for the day. To ensure no orders are missed, it would be better to either view orders for the previous day as well, or use the date selection and filtering below.

  • Select your delivery day (defaults to Today)
  • Choose your printing option.

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