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Order from multiple services on different dates

Sandra Finlay
Modified on: Tue, 16 Jun, 2020 at 10:57 AM

When you first log in to your myKindo account, you'll be presented with a Service Selector. (If you have members in more than one Kindo organisation, you may get to select the school or organisation first). The service selector looks something like this...

Select the first service you'd like to work with by selecting the service name, or, where you need to specify a delivery date, select the first delivery date, as shown for Sausage Sizzle in the example above.

This will launch the catalogue, and any of those services that are available on the current (or selected) day, will display in the Service Pane on the left of the screen (on phones you'll find it by clicking the  icon). It looks like this.

Add your items to the cart by selecting the person icon (like this) OR by selecting the Calendar icon  to order the item for multiple dates. 

Continue shopping by switching services in the Service Pane.

If you need to view a different catalogue (eg. for a different day) and it's not available in the Service Pane (because it's not available for ordering on the current day), return to the Service Selector by clicking "change service" next to the service name in the catalogue.

Your cart will be saved to the Checkout and cleared ready for the next order. 

You can view all carts at the checkout once you have finished and place the orders together.

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