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Change contact details

Sandra Finlay
Modified on: Tue, 16 Jun, 2020 at 11:02 AM

It is important that you keep your account holder details and member details up to date. These are all managed on the my details page, which looks like this.

To get to this page, click on my details. You will find this on larger screens in blue writing at the top of the screen; on a phone it can be accessed by expanding the myKindo dropdown menu.

Account Holder details may be altered by overwriting the name, email or phone. To change the password, use the entry boxes on the right of the page to enter the existing password, followed by the new password (twice).

Delivery details (eg. students, members) are added to accounts in two ways and this changes what you are able to adjust.

1. if members are manually added, you will see a delete button to the right of their details to remove them from your account. You may also overwrite any existing details, such as Address or Allergies. To change the Organisation (school, club, etc), click the dropdown menu and select the new organisation.

2. if members are automatically added, by link to school records, you will not be able to update their details here. Please talk to your school about changing their details on the linked school records.

Click SAVE CHANGES and Continue when you have made the required changes.

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