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My child has changed class. How do I make sure they get their deliveries?

Sandra Finlay
Modified on: Thu, 1 Mar, 2018 at 3:08 PM

When your child changes class you must update their delivery details to ensure deliveries go to their new class. At the start of each year you will be prompted to save a new room number for each member on your account.

If your school has a link set up between Kindo and school records, your students' location will be updated automatically. You do not need to do anything.

For unlinked members, click on the member name in the Service Pane. On a large screen this appears on the left of the screen. On a phone, click the  to open the Service Pane first, then click the member name. It looks like this.

If the School or other organisation has entered a list of valid locations, you will be given a choice of these. Scroll to the relevant choice and click to select the new delivery location. Click DONE.

If no list has been added, simply type in the location.

NOTE: Delivery details are saved with purchases. You can NOT change delivery details for an order after it has been placed. Please cancel any future orders using the my orders page and place them again, after you have updated delivery details.

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