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Are my credit card and bank details secure?

Sandra Finlay
Modified on: Thu, 1 Mar, 2018 at 3:57 PM

Our two payment providers are DPS Payment Express (card and Account2Account payments) and POLi, and both offer excellent security over their transactions (which is why we hand over to them for topping up accounts).  

More information about Payment Express security can be found here...

Payment Express is a secure outsourced partner to all major merchant banks in Australasia, trusted with hundreds of millions of transactions annually. Important points:

  • All data is SSL encrypted with the Payment Express secure environment providing the same level of encryption security as any online banking portal
  • Payment Express does not keep any record of your personal information during this transactional process, it is handled directly with your banking provider
  • Payment Express does not have access to your personal information at any stage during the transaction process
  • No third-party software is downloaded to your computer
  • The same level of security applies to the millions of credit card transactions processed by Payment Express everyday

More information about POLi security can be found here... where it states "...POLi does not store any sensitive information such as internet banking usernames and passwords. During a POLi transaction no one can access or see your internet banking login credentials. All communication via POLi takes place using HTTPS transport level security and no sensitive information is stored (not even cached)."

NOTE: Your mykindo account may also be topped up via standard banking options, including internet banking. See How do I pay?

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