Switching schools & updating details

Switching schools & updating details

If you have previously used myKindo or ezlunch anywhere, you can continue to use the same account for the new school or organisation by updating the my details page.

You DO NOT need to create a new account. 

(If your account has been closed, or inactive for longer than 15 months, please contact our helpdesk to reactivate your account).

You can also use the same account if you have students at different Kindo or ezLunch schools.

1. Log in to your account at myKindo.co.nz using your existing email and password.

2. Select the My Details tab.

3. You will see the current memberships attached to your account.

4. For an existing student starting at a new school or organisation, use one of the following options to update their details;


4.1.1 Select the Edit Button (pencil icon) to update details. 

4.1.2. Use the drop-down option to select their new school, room number and their student ID if you have it. Select the tick when you are done.

4.1.3 Press Save & Continue to save your changes.


Some schools use Kindo Integration.  This means the students details will be updated directly from the school's Student Management System. If room numbers change, they will automatically be updated on your myKindo account.

You may be asked to complete setup.

Click on Complete Setup and follow the instructions that appear on each page. 

4.2.1. If there is no Pencil icon you cannot update the details. You can add the member to another organisation while remaining at the existing one.  See notes below;


A student can belong to more than one Kindo organisation.

5.1      To add another Kindo organisation to a student select Add Membership.

5.2 Use the drop-down option to select their new school or organisation, and room number. Click on the tick to confirm.

5.3 Your student will now have two organisations showing.

5.4  Press Save & Continue to save your changes.

5.5  Select OK to confirm the changes and return to the home page.

When you log in to myKindo, if you would like to switch to a different school or organisation where you have students registered, click on 'Switch schools' on the top left of the home page and choose the name of the school/organisation you wish to select to view and make payments on their Kindo shop items.

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