How far in advance can I order?

How far in advance can I order?

You can order within the current term. When you are asked to select the delivery date, you will see what days are available for orders.

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    • What time does my order need to be completed by?

      The order cut off time is determined by your supplier. Orders must be completed and confirmed before the cutoff for delivery on the selected day.  You may order in advance. Simply select the date you need when you log in to the service.
    • How do I know my order has been received?

      Once you have completed payment your screen displays an order confirmation to confirm that the order has gone through and will be delivered. You will also receive a confirmation email. To check orders you have made in advance, select the My Orders ...
    • Change an order

      To change an order you will need to first cancel it, then place a new one.  See Cancel an order for a selected date or Cancel an order (undated). With the funds returned to your myKindo account, you can now place another order. Purchase and pay as ...
    • Cancel an order (undated)

      General purchases and payments (that have not been selected for specific date) may be cancelled until midnight on the day of purchase, or until the administrator has changed the status of the order, whichever happens first. Go to my orders to view ...
    • Order for a specific date

      When you first log in you will be presented with a Service Selector. For services that enable you to choose a specific delivery date, you will see a list of available dates. Select the date you wish to place and order for.  You may select "Show More ...