How and When do I pay?

How and When do I pay?

Your myKindo account can have funds added to it during the checkout or you may prefer to add funds in advance. These funds are then used to complete any purchases or payments to schools and other organisations. If the account does not have sufficient funds, an order cannot be placed and you will be asked to top up (add funds to) your account.

There are several ways to securely top up your account.

Instantly have funds available using one of our online topup methods:

  • POLi  internet banking- access your NZ bank account securely to top up funds for immediate use. No surcharge. You will need your internet banking login details. Available for all major banks.
  • Debit & Credit Card - Visa, Mastercard, American Express and UnionPay available. Small surcharge applies (2.5% + 50c). You may opt to securely save your card details during this process, making your next top up even faster. Note that only partial card details are saved with us - your full details are securely saved within your bank to ensure your safety.

You can also top up via bank transfer

  • Internet Banking or Bank transfer- The bank account and reference details are available when logged in to myKindo. You can access these by clicking on top up account  in the navigation at the top of the page or on the myKindo dropdown menu. As these deposits take time to clear (please allow up to 2 working days), they are not suitable for immediate purchases. 
    You may also choose to set up regular automatic payment to your myKindo account using this method, to ensure funds are always available when it is time to make a payment or purchase.

There are no minimum top up amounts. Balances on accounts will be refunded on application less a small $5 administration fee.

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