Closing your myKindo account

Closing your myKindo account

Can I close myKindo account?

Yes, but first check if the school your student is moving to also has Kindo or ezlunch. If they do, you can use your myKindo account at your new school.

When can I close my account? 

You may close your account at any time. 

What happens to my account balance when I close my account?

  1. You can choose to spend your remaining funds before closing your account.
  2. If you have had a refund in the last 24 months you can choose to withdraw the refund amount.
  3. You may choose to donate the balance (see below). 
To withdraw funds after a refund see our article Account Balance Withdrawals


    1.   Login to your myKindo account and select the my details option.

    2.    Next to the 'account holder details', there is a close account button you can select.

    3.    When you select close account, the following message will appear:

        Select OK to begin the process of closing your account.

    4.    An email will be sent to you, and you can click on the link contained within the email.

   5.    The link will take you to our secure page where you can select to donate the credit to Kids Can Charity and/or return any credit in your account to the school or return the credit in your account to your own bank account.      

    6.    If you select return my balance to me, you can then enter in your bank account number you wish to have the funds deposited into.

    7.    Once you have made your selection, select Close Account.

    8.    A confirmation message will appear on your screen, confirming you account closure.

Funds make take a day or so before they appear in your bank account.
If you have chosen to donate the funds to Kids Can or your school, you will receive an emailed electronic receipt for your donation.  Or if you have selected our tax rebate partner Supergenerous, the donation receipt will get sent directly to them.

If you need any assistance, then please give our helpdesk a call on freephone: 0508 454 636 (0508 4 KINDO).

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